Heritage Cabinetry Craftsmanship

Cabinetry and Woodworking Craft

Heritage Cabinetry The people behind Heritage Cabinetry and Fine Woodworking have over 30 years in the craft of designing, building, and installation of cabinets that spread from upscale, elegant conceptions to standard, customary projects. Our sales team will work with anyone regarding their project or idea regardless of scale or budget.

Custom Designed Quality Cabinets

Heritage Cabinetry Heritage Cabinetry blends old world craftsmanship and original design to create the finest custom cabinets. Our uniquely designed products represent the utmost in quality and timeless beauty. While employing state-of-the-art machinery to create fine precision products, we recognize it is the individual craftsman's touch that makes each creation unique and personal. Heritage Cabinetry's craftsmanship is evident in all our work, from the joinery of drawers to beautifully carved decorative accents. Dedication to detail puts Heritage Cabinetry above the competition.

Custom Finishes For Your Custom Cabinets

Heritage Cabinetry Applying special finishing techniques gives cabinetry personality. The complexity and beauty of a Heritage Cabinetry finish is rare and it allows us to achieve a distictive look and feel that people will notice. You have many different options in acheiving a true custom look to your cabinetry. Choose anything from glazes, wearing finishes, crackle finishes, distressing and worm holing, gilding, paints, or stains. Heritage Cabinetry is the expert in accomplishing your custom cabinet conception.